Healthy lifestyles (PSHE)

PSHE is the abbreviation for Personal, Social and Health Education.  All of these are key to a successful and safe childhood, adolescence and adulthood.  As a result they are taught in a number of ways.  We encourage all of our children to adopt healthy lifestyles, this is achieve through access to PE and exercise.  We also teach the values of healthy eating and offer a balanced school meal each day.

Good health isn't just what we do or eat though, it is also how we help those around us.  We therefore teach how to stay safe, how to support and support those who need our help and we also teach, periodically, basic first aid to our oldest children.  

We are a registered Kidsafe School and use this to teach our children what to do if they feel unsafe.  This covers a variety of subject areas including Internet safety.

We all teach children the value of respect in all relationships, from respect for our friends to the respect of others including those of different faiths and cultures.  Sex and Relationships education is taught at appropriate times in your child's primary school life but we always inform parents first of what their child will be learning/doing.