For the children of Class 6, our Spring topic is Evolution and Inheritance.
We will be looking at different scientists who studied the theory of Evolution, asking questions and recognising the different viewpoints on the subject. Furthermore, we will be explaining how fossils can help us to find out about the past.  Children will have the opportunity to handle fossils, recognise their features and explain how they can help us to find out about the past. 
Maybe, just maybe, we will unearth some budding paleontologists!   
Key points of study will include:
The achievements of Mary Anning
Recognise that living things produce offspring
Charles Darwin

This topic will raise questions, inspire curiosity and make children think about how changes are constantly happening.  
Children will recognise evolution as the gradual changing of the features of species over time.

Lesson 1 - 02.03.16

Huge thanks must go to Mr Brown and the Science Department at William Howard School for the fantastic Wow opening to our Evolution Topic.  They provided us with am amazing box full of, in the words of Mary Anning, 'Curiosities'.  The children were able to handle a wide range of fossils and gain a greater understanding of how they were formed.  We also looked at the famous figure of Mary Anning, who is recognised for her significant contribution to the area of Paleantology.  
The level of interest and enthusiasm is clear in these photos!

1.  The children tried to identify the fossil.  
2.  Group discussion- Could they justify the reasons for their suggestions? 
3.  Children read the provided information.  Were they right?
4.  Children created rubbings of their chosen fossils.

Can you identify these fossils? 

Speak to the children in Class 6 or keep an eye out for our upcoming classroom display to find the answer!