Summer 2015

This term, Class 3 will step back in time to Medieval England, to learn what life might have been like 900 years ago and how it differs from life today.

Our learning will begin with the Norman invasion in 1066.  In history, we will investigate the development of castles, from the early Motte and Bailey design to cleverly designed 'siege-proof' stone castles.  We will look closely at the defensive features built into castles to protect them against attack and some of the clever tactics used by attackers to break through these defences.  

To help us learn more about daily life in medieval Britain, we will investigate medieval jobs from noble knights and castilians to castle cooks, porters and scullions.  We will look at some of the foods served during medieval feasts, like pickled eel soup, meat pottage and rabbit and pigeon pie, and compare these to the foods we enjoy today.  We will explore the music, dance and entertainment enjoyed during this period.   

In a range of practical and hands-on challenges, children will have a go at building their very own trebuchet to launch missiles at a castle wall.  We will design and make our own pennant flags and shields using a range of materials.  We will investigate the features of self portraits and use pencil sketching techniques to produce some medieval art to display on our classroom castle walls.  

Our learning will culminate with an invasion of Carlisle Castle on Thursday 25th June!