Summer 2016

The Summer Term will certainly be a busy time for Class 6! 

In Science we will develop our knowledge and understanding of 'Evolution and Inheritance'.  We will continue to build on our previous work related to Charles Darwin and recognise how plants and animals have adpated to live in their natural habitats.  We will be researching a range of fossils which will help us find out about the past and recognise changes which have occured in individual species.  
We will further develop our Computing Skills, using laptops and Ipads to conduct efficient searches which link to our topic focus.  We will also be building on our previous E-Safety Unit with an E-Safety Day in April.  

In RE we will work on the theme of 'Expressing Faith through the Arts'.  We will recognise the importance of the arts: music, art, drama, sculpture etc in promoting religious beliefs and expresing faith.  We will be learning to recognise the importance of specific colours in the Christian Calendar and thinking about how we express our own feelings and emotions.  

In English we will be developing our Reading and Writing through study of the London Eye Mystery by Siobahn Dowd.  We will be writing diaries and newspaper reports and our own version of the ending.  We will be planning and building our own London Eye models in D&T.  Hopefully we will then go on to apply our prior learning in Science to make our models move.

We are continuing to develop our singing skills with Mr Taylor and are working on songs from Les MIserables along with 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' by Queen.  Year 6 will be preparing a special performance for their leavers' service.

In PE we are working on striking and fielding games and Kwik Cricket with Tennis as the focus of our KS2 after school club.

Our topic this term, following SATs will begin with a project on the UK and London.

Then, we will be setting up and running the Healthy Tuck Shop as our class enterprise project and combining this with a study of food around the world, developing our cooking skills and creating prints of moving figures in art which will lead us into a focus on the Olympics in Rio.