Harvest 2020

Dear God
Thank you for all the delicious and nutritious food we have to eat
Thank you for all the farmers who work hard all the year round to make sure we have food to eat. 
Thank you for all the people who work in factories and shops who make sure there is enough food to buy. 
Thank you for the grown-ups who cook our meals both at home and at school. 

This year, our Harvest celebrations took a very different route.  In the classroom, each class took part in a Harvest Collective Act of Worship where they thought about the journey of food and all those involved in ensuring we can eat.  After the CaW, children were given time to reflect on why we celebrate Harvest time.  Some children made prayers; some wrote poems; some drew pictures; and some wrote their thoughts.   

Year 1 and 2- Children rearranged the letters of Harvest to make other harvest-related words. 

Harvest is a time when we thank God for the Harvest and for the food he provides for us.
We have many things to think about when it is Harvest-time.
We celebrate Harvest because the farmers have collected all the food that has grown in the fields and gardens this year.
We collected strawberries in June, we collected the wheat and cereals in July and August, we collected the apples and other fruits in September.  We thank God for the sun and the rain that has helped to grow the crops and provide us with the food we eat.


Thank you God for the food that we have.  We are very lucky that in this country we have enough food.  We have sun rain, and warmth.  God has provided us with these conditions to help our food to grow.


When we eat our food we should say thank you to God for what we have on our plate.  As we eat it and enjoy its taste, we must remember to thank the farmers, and the shopkeepers and the people who cook the food that we eat.  THANK YOU.


The farmers have been very busy over the last few weeks harvesting the crops. We thank them for their efforts, and hope they enjoy their rest.


At harvest-time it is also right that we think about people who are not as lucky as us and who don’t have enough food.  In many parts of the world there is not enough food, because the harvest has failed, and there is not enough rain, or too much rain, or because of war.  We think of those who have not got enough food, and pray for them. 


At harvest-time there is lots of food.  It is a time to share what we have with those less fortunate than us: the old, the poor, those in other countries. Harvest-time is a time to think of others and think about how we can share what we have with them.


At harvest time we save the food we have and store it away for the winter.  It is easier to do this today with fridges and freezers, but in the past we would pickle, salt and tin food to get us through the winter.


It’s harvest time!

As part of our RE lesson- after our Act of Worship- children completed Thank You prayers. 

Year 2 children completed some Harvest Poems. 

Year 3 and 4 children had some quiet reflection time to think about the meaning of our Harvest Worship. 
They also wrote some lovely Harvest Prayers reflecting on how thankful they are for Harvest Time. 

Year 3 and 4 also read the Sower and Seeds parable before writing a short reflection to show what they thought. 

Year 5 and 6 children wrote their own Harvest Prayers, thinking about Thankfulness. 
They also thought about the teachings that we can learn from The Parable of the Sower.