Multi-Cultural Week - A day in the life of...

A day in the life of...

During the Week Commencing 30th January, the each class spent their afternoons finding out about a different culture around the world:
Class 2 and 3- China, incorporating learning about Chinese New Year (28th January 2017)
Class 4- Mexico
Class 5- Countries of North America
Class 6- India

Class 3
Class 3 located China on a world map and learnt about the Chinese flag and it's symbolism.  They also looked at the capital city of China and compared this to London. They then explore famous Beijing landmarks. 
The children were particularly interested in exploring Chinese culture. They looked at different Chinese artefacts and discussed what these could be used for before comparing them to items that we use. They then used these as inspiration for observational sketching in art. 
The children were also very excited to taste some samples of Chinese food and reviewed this against a given criteria. They looked at school life in China,  looking at our daily timetable and comparing that to a typical Chinese child's daily time table. They used this to decide where they would prefer to attend school and why. 
During the week, the children have also learnt to count to ten in mandarin and can say some simple mandarin greetings. To link with the recent Chinese New Year, children also sung new year theme songs. 

Please see  individual class pages to find out more.  
To end the week, we had a celebration of these cultures in our Friday Assembly.