Ahoy There! Spring Term

Ahoy there!

Watch out there’s been a pirate attack on Class 3! The pirates have taken over as our role play corner has been transformed into Pirate Island and our book corner gets an underwater make over.

In geography this term, with the help of our pirate friends, we’ll be setting sail around our world. During this adventure we’ll be learning about the different continents and oceans and how to locate these on a globe and in an atlas.

In history, we’ll be looking at famous explorers including Christopher Columbus. We’ll be examining just what about them makes them an important historical figure and how transport has changed over time.

We’ll be using the seas as an inspiration for our artwork and exploring the theme of water through collaging.

Our Science unit for this term is animals and humans. We’ll be classifying the animals that we find on our sea adventures as well as learning about their habitats. Our pirate friends will also be helping us to learn all about the human body.