Autumn Term: 2014 - 2015

This term Class Four will be starting the new year with a Literacy focused module entitled Once Upon A Time. Pupils will be immersed within a range of traditional and the not so traditional fairy tales. Literacy sessions will include focus work on the story of Hansel and Gretel, The Adventures of Dish and Spoon during which we will be writing our own sequels to traditional tales and writing apology letters on behalf of Goldilocks to the Three Bears.
Our topic sessions are encompassing a skills based approach including a Music unit based around Peter and the Wolf during which pupils will learn about the different instruments within the orchestra, musical terminology and how to become expert composers. During Design and Technology pupils will be taken through the design and creation process by Puss in Boots as they try to design new boots for his latest quest. We will also be food tasting ginger based produce in order to allow us to create our very own gingerbread. Art sessions will focus on developing a strong foundation of basic pencil skills which will apply to the creation of our own fairy tale landscapes. We will also be considering the key features of timelines and exploring the infamous Hans Christian Anderson.

Come into class to see our enchanted forest! This will be updated with our latest works and achievements.