Mock General Election

In line with the general election students in Class Four have been organising and holding their every own mock election. First stop was forming parties and nomiating candidates. Our five class parties were:

  • The Epic People Disco Party represented by Haydn 
  • Orange UK Standers represented by Libby 
  • The Chatterpups Party represented by Fern 
  • The Blue Hands Party represented by Thomas 
  • The General Election Party represented by Niamh 

Once formed the next step was to make and develop a manifesto based on their parties key pledges. We then used these to make our very own leaflets in order to advertise our party. 

Finally, it was time to write our key speeches in order for our candidates to deliver to our class. This was our last attempt to gain votes before our class polling station opened on Thursday. 

The votes were finally counted and verified by our electoral offical and the winning party declared to be The Epic People Disco Party. Here is their winning speech. 

My people,

This is the manifesto of the epic people disco party

I believe that we should bring back the school tuck shop so that we can all concentrate more and raise money for charity.

In my opinion we should bring pets with us to school. This will not only make us happy but be better for the pets as they will feel more loved. This will allow them to be fed at school and save our parents from worrying about feeding them at home.

It is also vital that children should get paid for going to school.

Additionally, I really feel that school should get a pool so that we can swim on hot days and practice our swimming in school. Others must agree that this pool needs water guns, woggles, floats and much more.

It seems to me that the best way to fund this will be opening a car wash which will be a guaranteed money maker. People will pay £5.00 to have a squeaky clean car and this is something which we are prepared to trial for seven months.

Finally we believe that every Friday we should get to wear non-uniform in order to prepare ourselves for university.

If you like this extravaganza then vote for the EPIC PEOPLE DISCO PARTY!!!!