RE- Special places for us and for others

Why are places of worship important for different religions?

Key Questions for this half term
Key questions
What feelings do we assign to special places?
What is important to you about a special place?
What are our special religious places? - It doesn’t have to be a church (prayer space in school).
What do religious places of worship look like?
What are their similarities and differences?
Why do some people have a place of worship in their house?
Do we need places of worship as separate buildings?

In lesson one, we discussed the ways in which you might show people that a place is sacred or special. 
eg Music, pictures or colour, objects, stories or objects from stories, writing.
How would being in a sacred place make you feel or behave?
We then discussed the concept of having a special place to go to where they can think/be alone/reflect etc 

Children created some very thoughtful drawings to reflect on their special place. 

Session 2- 
LO- Understand that Hindu shrines are sacred places of worship
We can add pictures of sacred elements to a shrine (Hindu) 
We understand the importance of the ‘Puja’ tray. 
We can label each element and say why each element is sacred 
We recognise the importance of awakening the senses. 
Children showed fantastic concentration when trying to draw some of the Gods and Goddesses from the Hindu faith.

Session 3- LO. Recognise different places of worship and know who worships where. 

We can provide a personal reflection based on what we feel makes us calm and at peace. (Linked to the previous lesson) 
We can name key places of worship: Mosque; Synagogue; Buddhist Temple; Hindu Temple; Church; Gurdwara. 
We know which religious believers worship in different places of worship. 
We can complete a list of questions about places of worship- We will use these questions as a starting point for research next session.