RE- Stained Glass Windows

LO- To learn about different aspects of the Christmas story found in the gospels of Matthew and Luke and the significance of these stories for Christians.

Success Criteria
I can make links between the stories told about Jesus’ birth and what Christians believe about Jesus

I know that the birth of Jesus is known as the Nativity.
I know that accounts of the birth of Jesus are found in the New Testament.
I know which authors wrote about the birth of Jesus.

Matthew and Luke 

Luke writes about the angels and the shepherds: 
•    Angels – messengers from God, announce the birth of a very special baby
•    Shepherds – poor, lowly, social outcasts but the first to receive the good news.

Matthew writes about the wise men:
•    Wisemen – foreign visitors from far away [God’s goodnews is for all] who came to worship Jesus
•    Star – led the wisemen to a very special baby
•    Crown – Jesus is described as a baby born to be  a King
•    Herod – the wicked king who felt threatened by the birth of a new King
•    Gifts – gold for a king; myrrh for suffering foretelling the death of Jesus;                 Frankincense for worship.

Children used bright colours to create their own stained glass windows.
Some of the children chose to include the Wise Men while others included the Shepherds.  The children persevered with their measuring skills to try and achieve perfecy symmetry, coloured in with felt tips and carefully cut out the silhouette templates.  
With the finished pieces, we could create a fantastic display!  Well done Class 4!