RE Peace


The pupils and staff of Rockcliffe School demonstrate respect for our Christian Values- one of these important values is Peace.  
The RE topic for Class 5 involves thinking about how the major World Religions view PEACE. 

We started the topic by thinking about what peace means to us as individuals.  We had some very thoughtful responses which led on to thinking about the different types of peace: Inner peace; Peace in the community; Peace in the wider world. 

During one of our sessions, the children worked with their reading partners to complete an information poster.   The task was for children to explain their chosen religion's view of peace.  We will then go on to compare the religions before reflecting on our own personal views on peace.   


LO: To make comparisons across religions.

All religions maintain that peacemakers are the children of the Almighty.
Peace is a way of drawing together people, communities and nations into an everlasting friendship.
It is the absence of anger and malice, and the presence of compassion and forgiveness that will bind people into unity.
However, there are some key differences between religious views on peace as well as some key similarities.