Ready, Steady, Grow!

This half term, Class Three will be donning some gardening gloves and aprons as they become green fingered. We’ll be exploring the key question, ‘how does your garden grow?’ They’ll be seeds, compost and gardening tools galore as our role play corner transforms into a garden centre.

Our learning is primarily science based, as we explore the different plants throughout our school and local area. We’ll be taking part in a whole host of practical activities from dissecting plants, to growing beans in plastic cups to observe how they grow. This will enable us to understand the different parts of a plant, what plants need to grow and how bulbs and seeds grow into plants.

Within art, we’ll be using flowers as inspiration for some still-life artwork. We’ll be developing our pencil skills as we explore the different grades of pencils and the impact this has on our drawings. We will be learning how to shade correctly and how to apply this to our drawings. We’ll also get to explore cross-hatching and compare this to the more traditional shading technique. Finally, our artwork will conclude with a study of Georgia O’Keefe and her artwork of enlarged flowers.

As part of their geography work, year one pupils will be exploring the seasonal weather patterns of the United Kingdom and how this effects the plants that grow here. We’ll be developing our weather based vocabulary and interpreting and creating our very own weather forecasts. Furthermore, we’ll also be exploring the Carlisle floods as a type of extreme weather. We’ll be recounting the event using primary and secondary sources and exploring what impact this had on our local area.

During English sessions, we’ll be writing non-chronological reports on plants. We’ll be looking at the infamous Venus Flytrap and using this to produce our own piece of non-fiction writing. Following this, we’ll be designing our very own carnivorous plants and generating reports about these. In addition to this, we’ll also be exploring the traditional tale ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ along with a few other non-traditional twists on this familiar story. Pupils will be using this as inspiration to produce a modern day retelling of the story with a new hero and villain for the tale. Will the villain still be defeated?

In music, we’ll be creating sounds by composing short pieces of music. We’ll be using the life cycle of a flower as inspiration for this. Also, we’ll be performing our compositions and developing our listening and appraisal skills as an audience member.

Keep an eye on our class page on the website for photographs of all of our activities as our topic unfolds. Ready….Steady….GROW!