Science Day- Feel the force

LO. Recognise that air can exert force.
LO. Understand that a force can both assist or resist movement.
LO. Understand that the surface area of an object can create more, or less, air resistance. 

In activity 1 we discovered that there was a force- exerted by the air - on the card as we ran around, The force seems to be greater if the card is bigger.  




LO. To show that air resistance slows moving objects down.
LO. To show that air resistance depends on the area of an object.

The controlled 'fair' nature of the tests
We ensured a fair test was carried out because only the front of the vehicle was altered by addition of a card 'lorry front;  the same starting force and vehicle were used. 

We ensured that the same push force was used each time by using a Newton meter to pull back a standard launcher.  The children had great fun launching a range of vehicles.  We had some really interesting discussions when explaining why some vehicles travelled further than others.  


We drew diagrams to show the equipment that we used and we are continuing to develop our scientific explanations, reaching conclusions related to the effects of air resistance.