Similes and metaphors

Year 5 have been exploring metaphors and similes.  They have begun to write their own.  Here are a few examples.

I am a tiger.

My teeth are swords 

Ready to stab their nect victim

Sharp edged mirrors

Glistening in the burning sun's hands.


I am a lion.

My paws are like giant's feet

Thumping against

The thick, hard ground


I am a lion.

I am the king.

My mane is like a ring of fire,

A golden cloud around my neck.

I am a lion.

A clump of grass when hunting,

Very clever when doing so.

As if it were man's fierce wars.

I am a lion.

My paws are as soft as rubber,

As protective as steel,

Thundering against the rocks,

With no sense of pain.

I am a lion, 

My tail is a furry whip

Rapidly colliding with my enemies,

As lethal as a chainsaw.

I am a lion.

My claws are knives

Slicing through diamond,

Aggravating is a fatal error.