Spring 2016

This term our class theme is 'From the Eden to Egypt' and focuses on rivers.  We will begin by looking at the river Eden and the recent flooding in Carlisle.  We will trace the river from source to mouth applying our learning about OS maps from last term and then look at how rivers are formed and how they change.  After that, we will look at how rivers are used and thier importance in settlement.  IN the second half of the term we will look at the location and features of the world's most important rivers before focusing on the Nile and carrying out a river study comparing the Nile with our learning about the Eden.

Art will focus on landscapes and the work of Cumbrian artist William Heaton Cooper.  We will look at his paintings in detail,at composition, tone and perspective. We will develop our skills in drawing landscape and using watercolours before creating our own landscapes using a choice of mediums includong pastel, colllage and watercolour.

In English, we will begin with a unit of work on fables using the beautifully illustrated text, 'Unwitting Wisdom' written and illustrated by Helen Ward.  This lovely book retells some well known fables in a distinct style appropriate for UKS2.  After reading and discussing a range of fables, we will compare these retellings with Aesop's originals before going on to write or own in the style of Ward.  IN grammar we will revisit different sentence types before looking at independent and subordinate clauses and learning to separate clauses using a range of punctuation, including, commas, colons, semi colons and dashes.  Later we will use our learning from our rivers topic to write non chronological reports.

In maths, we will continue to develop our written calculation across the term whilst developing our understanding and use of fractions and percentages.  This will support our work in statistics and understanding of pie charts.  Later, we will work on measure which will support our river's field work.

In other areas, we will develop our knowledge and understanding of electricity in Science and plan and carry out our own investigations.  In Computing we will look at esafety and the use of the internet ahead of our internet safety week in February.  RE will work on the theme of Community and Belonging.  We will  continue to develop our ability to speak and write in French this term.