Spring is in sight!

A welcome return in to the Spring term! This half term in Science we will be exploring living things and habitats, exploring how creatures including humans have become adapted to living in their environments and how their lifecycles compare to other creatures.  

In History we will be looking at famous scientists such as Charles Darwin and his contributions. As well as looking at significant figures such as Edmund Hillary (the first man to climb Mount Everest).

Both Science and History link closely to our Mountains topic this half term. Looking at the inhabitants of specific environments, including Mountainous land. Using maps (digital and print) and Atlases to locate mountains across the world. 

Class 6 have experimented with collage, creating some beautiful artwork, we will continue to build on both their sketching and flexibility with materials this half term, looking at portraits and drawing from observation. 

In Religious Education Mrs Batey will aid the children in exploring the significance of places of worship. Children will benefit on building a cultural and open understanding of the beliefs of religions around the world.