Spring Term 2015

This term, Class 5 are studing South America.  We will begin by looking at the location and geography of South America.  Then we will learn the capital cities and diverse physical features of the continent and in English we will write non chronological reports on these focusing on the Atacama Desert, The Andes and Amazon Rainforest.  This will be supported by our computing work on digital research where we will be developing our skills in using the internet to research.

We will then focus in on Brazil looking at what life is like there in comparisonn with our lives at home. We will discuss Fairtrade and look at what this means whilst in Literacy we will be writing persuasive letters.

After half term, we will look in detail at the Rainforest and consider their sigificance as the 'lungs of the earth' considering the imapct of deforestation.