Collective Worship Autumn 2017

Collective Worship Autumn Term 2017
We continue to hold daily Collective Worship at Rockcliffe School where children and staff are encouraged to reflect on their thoughts and ideas.  Our assemblies take on a variety of forms and children engage positively with the key messages. 

Our Collective Worship aims to support: 

 links to the Church year
 Presentation of Bible stories
 Opportunities for children’s participation
 Links to the school curriculum
 A variety of stimuli and media, including the creative arts
 Opportunities to revisit different themes progressively and developmentally 

Each week, our Collective Worship clearly demonstrates a link with SEAL and we also enhance these links further with our 'Values for Life'.  The Thursday assemblies will continue to be led by pupils and these will begin in week three of the Autumn Term. 

The Friday worship includes a celebration of children’s efforts and achievements in school and elsewhere. Parents, Governors and members of the church and local community often attend collective worship on Fridays and on special festivals.

Pupil Reflection
Pupils and staff reflect on the key messages of Collective Worship.  
Examples of these personal thoughts and comments are displayed in our school entrance.