Autumn 2022

Welcome to the autumn term of Nursery and Reception at Rockcliffe CE Primary School!

The Reception children have made a great start to school in their first three days - exploring the different areas and making new friends. We can't wait for the Nursery children to join us next week.

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Week one has gone down a storm - the Reception and Nursery children have settled in well! They are learning about our routines and getting to know each other. Our topic for the start of this half term is 'All About Me' and this week we have been sharing information about ourselves and our families. Have a look at some of our representations below.

IMG_9375 - Copy.JPG IMG_9251.JPGIMG_9265.JPGIMG_9871.JPG IMG_9824.JPG IMG_9822.JPG IMG_9809.JPG IMG_9790.JPG IMG_9749 - Copy.JPGIMG_9482 - Copy - Copy.JPG IMG_9483 - Copy - Copy.JPG IMG_9548 - Copy.JPG IMG_9409.JPG

They have been enjoying our social times such as lunch and snack and learning to take turns and listen to each other.

Wow - how are we half way through week two already?

I can honestly say that the Recption and Nursery children have been an absolute delight to have in the Early Years unit. They are taking care of their classroom, looking after the resources and are experts at tidying away and following our hand signals. Let us not forget to mention what good friends they have made already. They are kind and helpful and already know that teamwork works!

IMG_20220920_102041_161.jpg IMG_20220920_112111_947.jpg IMG_20220920_132842_270.jpg IMG_20220920_133413_281.jpg IMG_20220920_133542_279.jpg IMG_20220920_133808_289.jpg IMG_20220920_133832_204.jpg IMG_20220920_134027_978.jpg IMG_20220920_134106_882.jpg

We are thoroughly enjoying our 'talk through stories' sessions and have become very familiar with our text 'Lionel and The Lion's Share' over the week. Below is our English display showcasing some of our drama, writing and pictures. Here we are acting out key events, showing some of the emotions from the story and developing our vocabulary - can you see how 'furious' we are?

IMG_9460.JPG  Scan - 2022-09-27 14_42_22.jpeg