Our Values 2022-2023

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Our Vision and Values 
As part of our INSET day (Start of the Autumn Term), the Rockcliffe School Community discussed our Vision and Values. 
We identified elements of our school badge and enjoyed some rock buns.
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'The wise man built his house upon a rock' 
We are continuing on our journey to develop our vision and values for Rockcliffe CE School. 
Autumn 1 2022- Trust 
"Trusting someone is like knowing you can jump and they will be there to catch you
Trust is a really important value. It must be earned.
If we do not trust someone it is very hard to build a good friendship with them.
Talk together about:
• people who you know that are trustworthy
• practical ways that we can show others that we are trustworthy
• why it is important to be able to trust others when working together as a team
Can you identify this story from the Bible? 
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Other Bible stories:

In the Bible there are lots of stories about trust. In some of the stories people trust in God; in other stories people break other people’s trust. 
Joseph was very good at trusting. Read his story. How did he show trust? 
Look at the story of Daniel (Book of Daniel). Who did he trust? What happened to him because he showed trust? 
Look at the story of Zacchaeus (Luke 19) who was not a very trustworthy person at all at the beginning of his story. How did he change? 
God's Story - David and Goliath

Autumn 1 2022- 
In each classroom, you will find a display which links to the Christian Value- Trust. 

Year 5 thought about the people in their lives and who they trust.  Most importantly, they thought about the foundations of trust and how someone can show that they are trustworthy. 
Year 1/2 
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Year 4 
Children used pipe cleaners to make a person who they trust.  Some children decided to make a Christian Cross as they Trust in their Christian Faith.  They discussed their reasons for trusting others and identified how they can show themselves to be trustworthy individuals. 
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Celebrating our Christian Values
We continue to celebrate members of our school community who demonstrate our Christian Values.  These children/ groups of children are awarded a certificate in our Celebration Collective Worship.  In Week 1, Mrs Jones awarded the certificate to the whole of Year 6- what fabulous role models at the top of the school!  Well done!  All of our Weekly Values certifcates are displayed in the school entrance hall.  
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Tuesday 20th September 
Reverend Ian was in school for our Collective Worship.  He focussed on the Book of Exodus.  Moses led 600,000 people out of Egypt in the middle of the night. God did not lead Moses and the Israelites through enemy land. Rather, He led them through the desert toward the Red Sea as they journeyed to the Promised Land. God led His people with a pillar of clouds during the day, and a pillar of fire at night. Following these incredible sights would remind them that God was always with them, guiding them each step of the way on their journey to the Promised Land.  Trust in God
Children had some time to reflect on Reverend Ian's Collective Worship. 
When you are finding things hard, who can you trust to lead you to safety? 
Children commented on the Collective Worship and identified that they enjoy Reverend Ian's story-telling.  They also enjoy volunteering as part of Collective Worship.  
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Week Commencing - Monday 3rd October - Year 6 Trust Prayers 
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year 6 trust prayers 1.png
Week Commencing Monday 10th October 2022 
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Autumn 2 - Christian Value - Hope 


‘Hope is a baton, something to be held onto but also passed on. Hope comes to us… to flow through us.’

Think about what seeds need to grow into plants and big, tall trees.
What do you think hope needs to grow?
Why don’t you discuss that with your family and friends?

‘To help my hope to grow, I will…’

Key Stage 2
1. GIVE THANKS for something that was good today
2. ASK FOR HELP with something you have lost hope for
3. REFLECT on your day and think about the things that made you feel hopeful and the things that felt unhopeful
4. SAY SORRY for the times you gave up hope, or took away someone else’s hope
5. DECIDE how you will keep hold of hope tomorrow

EYFS and Key Stage 1

  1. T—What are you thankful for?
  2. S—What are you sorry for?
  3. P– Please help me to…


 Year 5- Initial thoughts about Hope



Remembrance 2022

Mrs Batey accompanied some Year 4 children to the Church where they could see their poppies on the railings. 
Thank you to one of our wonderful parents who kindly displayed them for us. 



Spring 1 2023 


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Our entrance display is ready to recognise those who show friendship to others in our school.  We celebrate 'Friendship'.

Year 5 - Initial Ideas 
yr5 friendshipsb.jpg
yr5 friendshipsa.jpg

yr5 friendshipsc.jpg  yr5 honey.jpg
Children were inspired by the quote from 'Winnie the Pooh'. 

EYFS and Year 1/2
Children in EYFS and key stage 1 have made a fabulous Friendship display in their cloakroom.  

EYFSa.jpg EYFSc.jpg

Year 4 
Children have been taking a look at our value of Friendship.  They thought about the qualities that make a good friend and the qualities that many saw in Jesus.  We thought about how friends enrich our lives and how we can nurture friendships.  

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friends3.jpg friends4.jpg


Year 4 Friendship Honey Pots 

yr4friend1.jpg yr4friend2.jpg yr4friend4.jpg yr4friend5.jpg 

yr4friend6.jpg yr4friend7.jpg

Year 6 Friendship Prayers and Acrostic Poems

Children chose their method of reflection and how to express their thanks for Friendship.  

yr6prayer1.jpg yr6prayer2.jpg

yr6prayer3.jpg yr6prayer4.jpg 

yr6prayer5.jpg yr6prayer6.jpg

Spring 2 2023 

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yr5strong12.jpg yr5strong13.jpg

yr5strong14.jpg yr5strong15.jpg

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yr5 strongboard.jpgYear five children have started thinking about the importance of Strength as we are #growingwisebuilders.


They thought about how and where they could find strength in the hard times.


Our School's core Christian Values are :



We will focus on these core values over Spring 2 and Summer Term before returning to our three year rotation.  






Cairn Stone built by Year 4 
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Easter Tree in our entrance hall 
Easter Tree entrance.png

Summer 2- Creativity 
Year 1/2 

Year 5


Year 6

Summer 2- Wisdom 
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