Ice and Snow

During winter both ice and snow can be a hazard.  We take every care to ensure that children and adults entering our premises are safe.  The following guidance indicates our gritting/salting/snow clearing policy.


Each morning an assessment on the safety of the primary route into school is undertaken. This is the route from the main pedestrian entrance to the front door of the school, along with the path around the school to the doors for EYFS, Year 2 and Year 3.  If necessary we grit/de-ice these routes in the following order: Entrance path to the main door, path to the door to Year 2 and Year 3.  If time allows then we will grit the dor for Year 1 and to the KS2 cloakroom. 

The rest of the playground will be gritted as time allows.  

If it is particularly slippery then children will be asked to come inside straight away.

You should always exercise care as, although we will have gritted, ice melts at different rates and some areas may remain slippery. You should remind your children that when it is slippery they should not attempt to run around on the play area, the MUGA or the playground until they have been notified that these areas are safe. If accompanying your child into school please assume that these areas are out of bounds unless directly told otherwise. 


If snow has fallen we will clear paths in the same order as listed for ice.  An assessment of the safety of the site will be made by the head teacher or a designated deputy before 8.00am.  If we are forced to close (this is the last resort) then parents will be notified by text and a notice is placed on the Cumbria County Council website.

If it is snowy, but school is open,  then please ensure that your child comes with suitable wellies, coat, gloves, along with spare trousers, socks or tights.  We will, if possible, continue to use the field for play - ensuring that children get exercise during the school day.

Please note that the staff car park is not gritted.  We prioritise pupils' routes first.  Staff using the car-park do so at their own risk.