Outdoor Prayer Space

Prayer and Reflection 

We set up an outside prayer space using the 'Methodist Yurt' and a range of material which was provided by the diocesan team.  The space encouraged children to reflect on what prayer means, explore different types of prayer and feel their own prayers.  The space offered a range of materials surrounding the theme 'The Greatest Showman'.  Deacon Melanie Beaven was instrumental in the organisation and delivery of the sessions and the feedback from the children was filled with enthusiasm and excitement.  On behalf of everyone at Rockcliffe CE School, thank you Melanie. 



There were several activities in the yurt:

Trapeze Prayer- Trapeze artist have to put their ultimate trust in their partner and in their equipment.  Children thought about the people who they trust in their lives and wrote them on a star.  The stars made up our own trapeze rope as we said thank you for these people in our lives. 

Kind Clowns- We gave thanks for the people in our lives who made us smile; they make our lives happier simply by being with us.  Children wrote the names of these people on soft play balls then threw them in to a net.  Children had lots of discussion to share how thankful they are for laughter and happiness and people who make them smile.

Palm Reading- Melanie spoke with the children about how amazing it is that God created a world that’s filled with incredible diversity and variety. There are different kinds of colours, tastes, sounds, foods, scenery, animals, ideas, types of leisure… (and the list just goes on and on). But one area that is especially intriguing is the variety of people He has created. In fact, everyone is different. There are no two of us alike. We are each special.  Children placed their own unique fingertprint on a large star; we have the whole school on one star.  We all work together but we are individuals- we are all special.

Fishing for quotes- Children used the fishing nets to catch a variety of sea creatures.  On the bottom of the creatures were numbers which corresponded to a quote card inside the yurt.  Some of these quotes can be seen on the photos.  Children thought about how the quotes applied to their own lives. 

Mirror, Mirror- This included an infinity mirror.  Children could look in the mirror and share what they feel in order to recognise how special and important they are.  The mirror seemed to go on forever; it was neverending, just like God's love for each and every one of us.