Behaviour Policy

High quality behaviour one of the defining characteristics of Rockcliffe CE School.  We expect our children to behave well and follow up behaviour which is not as good as it could possibly be. High quality behaviour has to be modelled by all  adults, staff and visitors alike.

Our school prayer concisely explains the behaviour which we expect from everyone - 

Help us to act kindly to everyone we meet today,

Help us to speak nicely and spread good news,

Help us to listen carefully when people talk to us,

Help us to move calmly wherever we go.

We value children’s achievements and celebrate and share them with the school as a whole. Our Friday Celebration Assembly provides the opportunity to celebrate achievements in school, when each class teacher identifies any outstanding contributions from children that week or across the whole of the half term.

We encourage classes to produce their own rules or code of behaviour, taking responsibility for themselves and their environment. We see it as part of a child’s whole education to learn to live in a community, showing respect and consideration for others and for the school environment. However, there are children who will misbehave in school. Should this occur, privileges may be withdrawn or sanctions imposed. If necessary, parents will be invited into school to discuss any problems. Our policy for behaviour is consistent and transparent and clearly understood by all of the children. Any incidents or evidence of bullying are treated most seriously if or when they occur. The children are encouraged at all times to talk to staff and tell them of any problems.

The staff are always willing to discuss any aspect of school life with you but it is helpful to make an appointment or give reasonable notice for such a discussion. We welcome the chance to work with you in all aspects of your child’s education.

We have a set of non-negotoiables that underpin behaviout in school. 

All these non-negotiables build on our values of lovetrusttolerancerespect and forgiveness that help us to create a sense of community


Behave kindly.  It’s never acceptable to hit someone else or call them unkind names. Don’t let yourselves down.  Follow instructions carefully.

Do your best.  We can only achieve if everyone does their best.  This means that you try each day and in each lesson.

Listen carefully.  It’s rude to speak when someone else is speaking.  Active listening means looking at the speaker.  We expect all children to actively listen. Understand that not everyone will have the same opinions as you.

Speak politely. Use your manners, wait for an opportunity and don’t just interrupt. Taking your turn is as important as active listening.  Sometimes you can just inject into a conversation, sometimes you will need to raise your hand.

Complete your homework.  Homework is designed to help you.  Some things take practice to master.  Spellings, times tables and reading are some of these.

Look after everyone’s belongings. This means picking things up, putting things away and taking care of all items. When you are in school you are borrowing things that others will also want to use.  Take care of everything as if it were your prized possession.