Religious Education

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RE is a requirement that is taught in all schools.  As a Church of England School though, Rockcliffe teaches from a Christian perspective based on the teachings Christ and the theology of the Church of England.  We also teach about other faiths and religions too.  We expect that all children know about the significant events in other religions, understand how these promote faith for their followers and that these events or practices deserve our respect.

Our RE planning is based around guidance from the Cumbria Syllabus, supplemented by Understanding Christianity and Carlisle Dioceses Exemplar plans.  
In KS1, we cover a wide range of themes with specific, focussed units on Islam and Christianity. 
In KS2, we also cover a wide range of themes, building on KS1 content.  Focussed units are based around Islam, Christianity and Buddhism. 

Christingle 2022- We loved joining together in Church to hold a Christingle Service. 

Daily Acts of Collective Worship

Monday- Whole School Collective Worship with Miss Lee
Tuesday- Whole School Collective Worship with Reverend Ian

Wednesday- Key Stage Collective Worship 
Thursday - Praise (Singing) 
Friday- Celebration Time!


Holy Week Hall Displays
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Platinum Jubilee

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Every half term, we have a Christian Value focus.  Summer 1 2022 focussed on Courage.  We celebrate our pupils and staff who demonstrate this Christian Value in their lives- in and out of school. 
This half term (Summer 2) Perseverance is our Christian Value.  Each classroom shows a display and opportunities for reflection.  Our Christian Value is also the focus of our daily acts of Collective Worship. 




900 Years of Carlisle Cathedral 
We were privileged to be part of a very exciting, collaborative project between Carlisle Diocese Board of Education and Carlisle Cathedral.  To celebrate 900 years of Carlisle Cathedral and Priory, we were involved with over 60 schools in the county.  We created two tiles that formed part of the School's Labyrinth.  This was on display in the Summer half term and our Year 6 children paid a visit prior to their Leaver's Service at the Cathedral.

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Year 6 children explored the Labyrinth. 

The Big Sing 
Our twenty-two strong Choir were invited to The Big Sing at St John the Evangelist Church.  They joined five other local schools to share their beautiful singing, reading and percussion.  

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The Holy Trinity - Collective Worship with Reverend Ian

Creation- Digging Deeper (Year 2) (Summer 2 2022) 
Year 2 continued with their RE work, digging deeper into the story of Creation.  They produced some fantastic posters to show how we should look after the earth as it has been entrusted to us.  

Year 6 children had a visit from NISCU, who shared an assembly about Daniel and the choices he needed to make. They  compared it to the choices and feelings that they might have about transition. NISCU left the children a handy booklet full of tips and ideas to help Year 6 with their move. 

Year 6 - What does it mean to be a Muslim in British Society today?
Children had some fantastic discussion to share how Muslims show respect to their beliefs.  They used and identified key vocabulary to consolidate their understanding.
British Values- "Demonstrate mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.”- To enable us to do this, we ensure full coverage of Christianity, Islam and Buddhism in KS2 alongside other worldwide faiths so children have the opportunity to pose questions and be familiar with other beliefs. 
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Summer 2 2022 (Year 5 and 6) 
Children wrote a KS1 version of The Lord's Prayer.  They shared their prayers with Year 2.  
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Summer 2 2022 Year 4

What is Pentecost?
By the end of this unit, children will understand the Christian festival Pentecost and what impact it had on the people 
left when Jesus ascended to heaven. Children will also explore the importance of this occasion to Christians.
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Year 2-  Monday 4th July 2022 

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On Monday afternoon- after the excitement of transition- year 2 enjoyed some quiet, reflection time in the Prayer Garden.  They then wrote some thoughtful TSP (Thank you, Sorry, Please) Prayers to show our appreciation for God's Creation.  

Autumn 1 2022 

Year 1/2
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Year 2./3
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Year 4 

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Year 6 
As an opening to their topic, 'What do different faiths teach about Care and Respect for others? ', year 6 children completed a session on British Values.  What does it mean to be living in Britan? 

 British Values Yr6 display.pngBritish Values yr6(1).png
In the Summer term, we asked the children their thoughts about RE.  Children in the upper end of the school expressed an interest in finding out about other worldwide religions.  As a result of this, Year 6 have been looking at Hinduism as part of the Care and Respect unit.  

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Spring 1 2023
As a school, we have adopted Questful RE to be used alongside Understanding Christianity.  
Through an open investigative enquiry approach, pupils are given the opportunity to explore major religions and world views. The large number of questions included in each unit is a key feature of the syllabus. As pupils explore these questions they will discover more about themselves, their relationships with others, their relationship with the world around them and their relationship with God.

Year 1/2 has been the first class to explore this new scheme and content for RE.  

They started their Questful RE journey by using a 'charter box' filled with interesting objects.  It raised a lot of questions about how new babies are celebrated in Christianity. They really enjoyed their first lesson! 
Y12 QR(1).jpg Y12 QRa(1).jpg

Year 6 Spring 1


Summer 1 2023 
Year 6
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Autumn 2023 
As part of our Questful RE Journey, each class has their own scrap book.  Here is a sneaky peak at the scrap book from year 2/3.
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