Autumn 2023

back to school.jpgWelcome back! 

I hope you have all had a lovely summer and we look forward to welcoming you all back to a busy autumn term. This half term we will be studying mountains in our Humanities work, we will be looking at 'A series of unfortunate events' by Lemony Snicket in English, exploring place value in Maths.  This year Science and French will be a little different this with both myself and Miss Scotson teaching 4/5. I will be teaching Year 4 Science where we will be looking at plants, whereas Miss Scotson will be teaching Year 5 Materials and their properties. I will be teaching Year 5 French where we will start by looking at pets and Year 4 will be learning how to talk about themselves. This half terms PE will be football and yoga. Keep checking to see what we are getting up to!

Strength J0.jpg

Strength J2.jpgStrength J4.jpgStrength J5.jpgStrength J6.jpgStrength J8.jpg 

This week we have been thinking about 'Strength' this terms value - what does it mean? What types of strength are there? What are our stengths and when have we shown them? I think the children's strength jars look fantastic and they had some great ideas when sharing their own strengths. 



This week we have been practicing dribbling, passing and manoeuvring around each other. They worked well as a team to include everyone and ensure everyone in their team was involved with some team challenges.

Plant 1.jpgPlant 2.jpgPlant 3.jpgPlant 4.jpgPlant 5.jpgPlant 6.jpgPlant 7.jpgPlant 8.jpgPlant 9.jpgPlant 10.jpg

This week in Year four Science, we have been exploring what plants need to grow and what can happen to them when they are deprived of more or more of their essential needs. We went in to the school grounds to explore what we had growing and what effects we could see of plants dying. They came up with some fantastic ideas about how we could improve the current plants growing conditions and speculated about why some plants weren't growing so well. Wel done Year four!

ME 2.jpgME 3.jpgME 4.jpgME 6.jpg

ME 5.jpgME 1.jpg

This week in Humanities, we have been exploring what equipment a Mountaineer would need to take with them on a climb. We looked at the purpose of each item and how it aids the climber.

Leaf 1.jpgLeaf 2.jpgLeaf 3.jpgLeaf 4.jpgLeaf 5.jpgLeaf 6.jpgLeaf 7.jpgLeaf 8.jpg

This week in Art, year four/ five have been continuing our Art project based around trees and natural marks. We have been exploring line drawings and adding texture and pattern. I'm sure you will agree they look fantastic! 


This half term we have been lucky enough to have a visit and work with a local artist. We worked using natural rescources to create our own prints. 

Av 1.jpg Av 2.jpgAv 3.jpgAv 4.jpgAv 5.jpgAv 6.jpgAv 7.jpg

We have been developing our print making techniques follow the visit from local Artist. We have been creating our own products to put on display at our very own Art Exhibition -coming soon! 

CB 2.jpgCB 1.jpgCB 3.jpgCB 4.jpgCB 5.jpgCB 6.jpgCB 7.jpgCB 8.jpg

autumn winter banner.jpg

Welcome back! I hope everyone has had a restful half term as we are back and ready to hit the ground running. This half term we are building around our English text - letters from the Lighthouse by Emma Carroll, Visiting Ancient Greece and exploring how our bodies digest, stay healthy and what we can do to keep ourselves well (year 4 Science). Keep a look out for updates on what we are up to.

Year four this week have been learning about the major organs and those that make up our digestive system.We recreated the process of these main oragan and had a great time getting messy in the process! 

digestive system 1.jpgdigestive system 10.jpgdigestive system 2.jpgdigestive system 4.jpgdigestive system 5.jpgdigestive system 6.jpgdigestive system 7.jpgdigestive system 8.jpg

digestive system 3.jpg

This week we have been busy making our Christingles for our Church service later in the week. We have revisited the reason for each part of the Christingle and why it is symbolic. 

Christingle 1.jpgChristingle 11.jpgChristingle 12.jpgChristingle 3(1).jpgChristingle 6.jpgChristingle 7.jpgChristingle 8.jpgchristingle 4.jpg