Autumn Term

Welcome back! I hope you have all had a lovely summer holiday and are looking forward to returning. Our Autumn Term starts off with a Journey in to the past looking at the Ancient Greek and how they have impacted the present day - I'm sure you'll be surprised at just how much influence they had! We will be looking at creating suspense in narrative and developing our reading comprehension skills along the way. Science will focus around looking at materials and we will begin the half term looking at place value of increasingly large numbers. 

YEAR 5.jpg

Today we started to think about our value for this half term- trust. We thought about what it meant to us and why some people are placed in a position of trust. We considered and made a mini verison of one of our trusted adults and shared why they have earned that right. Year 5 had some insightful, heartfelt responses which is truly a testament to the lovely characters of the children we are proud to call our pupils. Well done Year 5! 


KT mum.jpgLS mum.jpg

MS mum.jpgPB dad.jpg

This week Year 5 have been very busy creating some fantastic writing. They have been working their socks off to create some fantastic description using quality adjectives and using them for effect. Using the text 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' by Lemony Snicket we have been using quality language to create a dark and mysterious atmosphere, we have also been looking at using expanded noun phrases to enhance our writing. Take a look at Year 5's writing, I was very proud of the way they applied their new found vocabulary in context - well done Year 5! 

WB Expanded(1).jpgJC expanded.jpgIS expanded.jpgTC expanded.jpgPB expanded.jpg


JC suspense.jpgKT suspense.jpgLS Suspense.jpgMS suspense.jpg

This week we have been busy looking at formal written methods for addition and subtraction. We have been continuing our exploration of 'A Series of Unfortunate events' by looking at the features of a diary entry and writing from the perspective of one of the Baudelaire children. We have also been working on improving our posture and positioning in yoga with a few basic positions and lots of stretching. Well done Year five.

yoga y5.jpgyoga y5 2.jpgyoga y5 4.jpgyoga y5 3.jpg

Year five have also produced some fanastic designs for their own Greek Vases after studying the features of some uncovered on achealogical digs. They used the objects and their designs to make deductions about the past - just like real historians! 

CR vase.jpgEB vase.jpgIM vase.jpgKT vase.jpgLS vase.jpgMS vase.jpgWB vase.jpg

W/c 26/9/22: This week Year Five have been exploring the differences between reversible and irreversible changes. We have planned and investigation, thought about the equipment we would need, made predictions and recorded our results/ observations. We even managed a little taste testing along with our experimenting! 

ir change 1.jpgir change 2.jpgir change 3.jpgir change 4.jpgir change 5.jpgir change 6.jpg


1 ir change.jpg2 ir change.jpg3 ir change.jpg6 ir change.jpg7 ir change.jpg8 ir change.jpg9 ir change.jpg10 ir change.jpg11 ir change.jpg12 ir change.jpg2 ir change.jpg

5 ir change.jpg4 ir change.jpg

We have also produced some lovely seasonal poetry for our School display. 

aw poem cr.jpgaw poem im.jpgaw poem jc.jpg

aw poem ls.jpgaw poem ms.jpgaw poem pb.jpg

aw poem eben.jpgaw poem eb.jpgaw poem kt.jpgaw poem wb.jpgaw poem tc.jpgaw poem sd.jpg


This week Year five have been working their socks off again! We have had a fantastic week working on rounding, diary entries and silent letters in our spelling. The children were extremely pleased to be back outside for PE after all the rain we have had and have been fine tuning their control when passing and aiming in football. 

football sd.jpgfootball JS 2.jpgfootball IM.jpgfootball EBen.jpgfootball EB.jpg

We have been studying the Christian beliefs about creation and the fall this half term. Along with thinking about the creation of Earth and all its inhabitants we have created a poem considering some of the things we wonder and have questions about - what would you ask God if you could? The children had some fantastic responses and discussions around these ideas/ questions. 

I wonder 2.jpgi wonder 3.jpgi wonder CR.jpgi wonder EB.jpgi wonder IM.jpgi wonder MS.jpgi wonder PB.jpgi wonder RF.jpg

In Science this week we have been exploring how to separate different materials using: sieving, filtering, magnets and evaporating our 'Alien Soup' to see which were the best ways to regain our original ingredients and if it was possible. 

separating 13.jpgseparating 21.jpgseparating 17.jpgseparating 16.jpgseparating 15.jpgseparating 14.jpgseparating 22.jpgseparating 23.jpg

We were also lucky enough to get a visit from Duncan's Doodles assisted living dogs who were in school to visit EYFS. The children were in their element looking after and cuddling these gorgeous pups! Thank you again! 

puppies ms wb 2.jpgPuppies SD.jpgpuppies IM LS.jpg

This week Year Five have brought the half term to an end creating some wonderful Greek inspired pots. They have been fine tuning their clay work skills: carving, shaping, applying slip and looking for the best techniques to add pattern/ design. They are looking great and will be air-drying in the classroom over half term - we will update once decorated! 

clay IM KT.jpgclay AB.jpgclay jc.jpggreek clay pots.jpg

The second part of our  Autumn Term focuses on the beautiful area we live in and the surrounding mountains. We will be looking at creating letters and postcards within our narrative (Letters from the Lighthouse) and developing our reading comprehension skills along the way. Science will focus on looking at habitats and how animals have adapted to sruvive where they live and in Design Technology we will be looking at making our own Christmas cards with a electrical element. 

visit 1.jpgvisit 2.jpg

visit 4.jpgvisit 5.jpg

This week we had a visit from a local Mountaineer Ben Wright, who came to talk about how he started out and what you need to become involved in mountain climbing. The children were very impressed and intrigued by the process and the equipment used to safely go climbing. We had a look at the local area and the heights of some local areas where we could start and what we would need to take with us. Year five had plenty of questions for Ben, thank you very much for your visit - I'm sure we have some budding climbers in Year five. 

pippa questions.jpgaj questions.jpgemma questions.jpgkt questions.jpg

Our value this half term is 'Hope' we have been thinkikng about our hopes for ourselves, our families and the wider world. Year five had some mature, thoughtful and heart warming thoughts in discussion today. We have created some beautiful hot air balloons for our hopes. 

Hope 1.jpgHope 2.jpgHope 3.jpgHope 4.jpgHope 5(1).jpgHope 8.jpg



This week we have been thinking about the reason for Rememberance, we made some poppy biscuits to mark the occasion. 

rem 1.jpgrem 2.jpg

rem 3.jpgrem 4.jpgrem 5.jpgrem 6.jpg

rem 7.jpgrem 8.jpgrem 9.jpgrem 10.jpg

rem 11.jpg

This week Year five have been lucky to be part of Bikability with the lovely Adrian and Vicky from Cyclewise. They did a gerat job improving their cycling skills and road safety - well done guys! 

bike 1.jpgbike 2.jpgbike 3.jpgbike 4.jpgbike 5.jpgbike 6.jpg

This week Year five have produced some beautiful wreaths thinking about the values we treasure and prioritise - especially at Christmas. 

wreath 1.jpgwreath 2.jpgwreath 3.jpgwreath 4.jpgwreath 5.jpgwreath 6.jpgwreath 7.jpgwreath 8.jpgwreath 9.jpgwreath 10.jpg

Our English unit these last few weeks will focus on the Polar Express. Using the experience of the train and the wonderfully frosty weather we have been experiencing lately, Year five have produced some lovely descriptive writing about drinking a luxurious hot chocolate. 

Hot choc 1.jpgHot choc 2.jpghot choc 3.jpg

hot choc 4.jpghot choc 5.jpghot choc 7.jpghot choc 8.jpghot choc 10.jpghot choc 11.jpghot choc 9.jpg

We finished this week with a wonderful KS2 Carol Service, the children did an amazing job with singing, recorder playing and a flute solo. We are very proud of all our children who I think you would agree were wonderful performers. The frosty walk inour christmas jumpers certainly got us feeling festive!

carol service walk 1.jpgcarol service walk 2.jpgcarol service walk 4.jpg

Carol service 5.jpgcarol service 3.jpgcarol service 4.jpgcarol service 6.jpgcarol service 9.jpg

carol service 7.jpg

To finish the term we have made our own electronic Christmas cards. We designed, drew and created the circuits for our cards. I hope you enjoy them at home as much as the children enjoyed producing and making them. Have a lovely Christmas break all, I hope Santa is good to you all!

DT 1.jpgDT2.jpgDT3.jpgDT4.jpgDT6.jpgDT7.jpgDT8.jpgDT9.jpgDT10.jpgDT12.jpgDT13.jpgDT14.jpgDT11.jpgDT5.jpg