Spring 2023

Spring Term

Welcome back and a happy new year to everyone! This half term, we will be kicking off our topic work researching the Windrush generation and how they were treated by British Society and how it has impacted British society on a whole. I look forward to reading the mini-studypupils have produced for homework. 

Windrush.pngwindrush child.jpg

Our English study is starting with work around 'Windrush Child' by Benjamin Zephaniah. We will be looking at adventure narrative and buliding our use of speech to develop plot and action. We will also be taking a brief look at the features of Newspaper articles and diary enteries. 

In maths we will be looking at methods for multiplying and dividing before moving on to decimals and percentages. In Science we will be exploring humans and other animals.  


This week we have been taking a look at our value for this half term - 'Friendship'. We thought about the qualities which make a good friend and the qualities many saw in Jesus. We thought about the importance of having friends, how they enrich our lives and how we can nurture friendships. 

values man 1.jpgvalues man 2.jpgvalues display.jpgvalues man 3.jpgvalues man 4.jpg

jar 1.jpgjar 2.jpgjar 3.jpgjar 4.jpgjar 5.jpgjar 6.jpgjar 7.jpgjar 8.jpg

We have made a fantastic start working on our control, maneuvering and passing skills in hockey. Year five really impressed me with their defending, determination and being amazing team players -supporting and aiding each other. 

hockey 1.jpghockey 2.jpghockey 3.jpghockey 4.jpghockey 5.jpghockey 6.jpghockey 7.jpghockey 8.jpg

This week we have been working exceptionally hard on some poetry based around the experience of those in the Windrush generation. We thought about the lives, culture and climates left behind and what it would be like arriving in post-war Britain. Year five generated some fantastic adjectives to describe the wreckage left behind in the cities in the aftermath of WW2. 

Adj 1.jpgAdj 2.jpgAdj 3.jpgAdj 4.jpgAdj 5.jpg

This week, we have had the fantastic opportunity to take part in Wheelchair basketball with Nat. We thoroughly enjoyed learning how to play and manoeuvre ourselves around. I think it is safe to say the children have worked hard this morning! 


In history this week we have been looking at the push and pull factors for the Windrush generation. We needed to consider the reasons for wanting to migrate and how post-war Britain appealed to those looking to help rebuild it. 


In Art we have been looking at the Indian culture and have produced our own Rangoli inspired designs. They are beautiful, year five really took their time and wanted to produce artwork that was both intricate and culturally inspired. 

Rangoli 1.jpgRangoli 2.jpgRangoli 3.jpgRangoli 4.jpgRangoli 5.jpgRangoli 6.jpg

Shrove Tuesday has come early! As we are in half term this year we have made our Shrove Tuesday pancakes early. The children really enjoyed making their own pancakes: measuring, cooking and decorating (and certainly enjoyed eating them). 

Pancake 1.jpgPancake 2.jpgPancake 3.jpgPancake 4.jpgPancake 5.jpgPancake 6.jpgPancake 7.jpgPancake 9.jpgPancake 10.jpgPancake 11.jpgPancake 12.jpgPancake 13.jpg

Spring Term 2

rainforest.jpgthe explorer.jpglight.jpg

Welcome back after a well-earned week of rest. This half term we will be exploring the Rainforest and the effects of deforestation. We will be tying in our English using Katherine Rundell's 'The Explorer' in our English unit. Focussing on using action and speech to develop our narratives. In Maths this half term we will be continuing our exploration in to fractions then moving on to decimals and percentages. In Science we will be looking at Light and how we see. 

Our value this half term is strength and we will be looking at the different forms of strength, how we find it and share it with others. We will look at the religious teachings of finding strength when we need it. 

strength 1.jpgstrength 2.jpgstrength 3.jpgstrength 4.jpgstrength 5.jpgstrength 6.jpgstrength 7.jpgstrength 8.jpg


WBD 1.jpg

Rainforest 6.jpgRainforest 7.jpgRainforest 4.jpgRainforest 3.jpg

Rainforest 1a.jpgRainforest 1b.jpgRainforest 5a.jpgRainforest 5b.jpgRainforest 2.jpg

We have had a fantastic week celebrating World Book Day, each class had a range of activities with each teacher all the while dressed as their favourite Roald Dahl character! 

WBD 1.jpg

WBD 2.jpgWBD 4.jpgWBD 3.jpg

This week we have been focusing on our Science topic: Light. We have been exploring how our eyes work and process the images we see. We have looked at how light travels and can be manipulated in to bouncing/ relfecting off objects to change direction. 

light 1.jpglight 3.jpg

light 4.jpglight 5.jpglight 6.jpg

This week we have celebrated British Science week, exploring the themes of 'Connections'. We have taken part in a interactive online lesson exploring the question 'What do sheep and seaweed have in common?'. 

online science.jpg

We have ended this week celebrating Comic Relief, we have embraced the theme and came dressed as Little Miss and Mr Men. The children looked fabulous, also enjoyable to see some of them embracing some of their characteristics through the invention of Roger Hargreaves. We celebrated the day raising money for a fantastic cause: bake sales, non-uniform and some fun team building activities. 

Red nose 1.jpgred nose 2.jpgred nose 3.jpgred nose 4.jpgred nose 5.jpgred nose 6.jpgred nose 7.jpgred nose 8.jpgred nose 9.jpg

Through out Design and Technology topic we have designed and created a pop-up card for Mother's day. We hope all Mother's have a wonderful, relaxing and love-filled Mother's day with your wonderful children. We hope you like your cards, everyone put 100% effort and love in to their design and creation. Happy Mother's day all! 

Eben card.jpgIM card.jpgKT card.jpg

JS card.jpgAB card.jpgCR card.jpgED card.jpgKW card.jpgLF card.jpgLS card.jpgMs card.jpgPB card.jpgRF card.jpgSD card.jpgWB card.jpgAJ card.jpgEB card.jpg

This week we have been getting ready for Easter. We have been taking part in a workshop looking at the meaning of Easter and how the Easter story holds important meaning for Christians. We have performed at our own Easter service sharing poems, prayer and songs with each other. 



Year Five would love to wish you all a Happy Easter. We hope you have a lovely break with your family, have lots of chocolatey treats and hopefully welcome some lovely weather back in! 

happy easter.jpg