Summer 2023


Welcome back!

Welcome back to the Summer Term. I hope you have all enjoyed your Easter holidays! Along with the weather turning we have some exciting learning to look forward to this term. PE this half term will be on Mondays and Thursdays so please make sure your kits are in school. 

This half term we will be exploring disease and medicine in the past to present day, we will be exploring how patients have been treated and what the NHS offer us today along with when it was established. In English we will be working on script writing with a focus on Shakespeare’s  Macbeth. Keep checking back for more updates! 

This week we have been working hard to develop our knowledge of the infamous characters from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. We started this week with some hot seating looking at where the characters were, what their thought process would be and how that would affect their actions. We then went on to write our own newspaper reports using regional dialect and archaic language to report on the death of King Duncan. 

Hot seating 3.jpgHot seating 1.jpgHot seating 2.jpgHot seating 4.jpg

This week we have been working hard with our Tennis skills. Working on using the space around us to our advantage, passing with accuracy and improving our control. 

Tennis 1.jpgTennis 2.jpgTennis 3.jpgTennis 4.jpgTennis 5.jpgTennis 7 .jpg

This week we have been looking at our trusted adults and discussing how we can use our trusted circle to help us when we want to discuss something we are feeling/ something that has happened. We have been looking at what trust means and how it is important to build and maintain that trust. 

Kidsafe 1.jpgKidsafe 2.jpgKidsafe 3.jpg

This week, whilst looking at the features of play scripts we have been acting out some of our favourite scenes from Macbeth and then developing them by adding details for scenes, lighting, sound effects and stage directions. 

Macb 1.jpgMacb 2.jpgMacb 3.jpgMacb 4.jpgMacb 5.jpgMacb 6.jpgMacb 7.jpg

This week in School we have been revisiting our prayer spaces and have responded to some of the ideas that Quest club came up with to make our Prayer Spaces more appealing and welcoming. We have thought about our current value: Creativity. We thought about the wonderful creations there are in the world - both natural and man-made. We have thought about our favourites and created a visual representation. 

PS 6.jpgPS 7.jpgPS 1.jpgPS 2.jpgPS 3.jpgPS 4.jpgPS 5.jpg

Welcome back, we have started this week by thinking about our new value - Wisdom. We have been exploring the difference between wisdom and knowledge, how the bible shows wisdom being taught and how we ourselves display and share our wisdom. We spent some time updating our prayer space too. 

wisdom 1.jpgwisdom 2.jpgwisdom 3.jpgwisdom 4.jpgwisdom 5.jpgPs 2.jpgps3.jpgps4.jpgps5.jpgps6.jpgps7.jpg

This week we have been making the most of the good weather, we have been exploring how shadows are made, what effects their length, size and the movement of them throughout the day based on the Earths orbit. Year five certainly seemed to enjoy this lesson. 

Shadows 1.jpgShadows 2.jpgShadows 3.jpgShadows 5.jpgShadows 4.jpg

Year five have produced some lovely Fathers day cards this week - we wish all Father figures a fantastic day this weekend! (Whilst wishing some members of Year five a lovely birthday too. 

EB card(1).jpgEB card 2.jpgEB card 3.jpgEBL card.jpgEBl card 2.jpgIM card(1).jpgIm card 2.jpgKT card(1).jpgKT card 2.jpgLF card(1).jpgLF card 2.jpgLS card(1).jpgLS card 2.jpgMS card 1.jpgMS card 2.jpgTC card(1).jpgTC card 2.jpg


This week Year five have been busy creating their own pizzas in Design Technology. They thought about and collected data for popular toppings before deciding what they would like to put on their own. Pupils seemed to enjoy creating and topping their own pizzas before cooking and eating them! Pizza -1.jpgPizza -2.jpgPizza -3.jpgPizza -4.jpgPizza -5.jpgPizza -6.jpgPizza -7.jpgPizza -8.jpgPizza -9.jpgPizza 1.jpgPizza 2.jpgPizza 3.jpgPizza 4.jpgPizza 5.jpgpizza 6.jpgPizza 7.jpgPizza 8.jpgPizza 9.jpg

This week we have had an inspirational visit from Jack Rutter who came to put our school through its paces and stress the importance of keeping active. Our children loved the visit and were in awe at how Jack overcame obstacles to keep playing the sport he loves. 

JR 1.jpgJR 3.jpgJR 4.jpg

This week year five have been working hard in Geography looking at physical and human landmarks within Europe. They then chose five to look at in detail before producing a fact file for tourists. 

Geog 1.jpgGeog 2.jpgGeog 3.jpg