Summer 2024

Welcome back everyone- I hope you have had a lovely Easter full of fun times and maybe a touch of chocolate! This week marks the start of a very busy but exciting term. It is not long until SATS eek (13th - 16th May inclusive) and then, in the following week, we go on residential to Robinwood. I am super-excited for all the fun activities we will take part in there. 

Summer 1 - Fieldwork linked to school and the Rockcliffe area

In Geography, we plan to look at reading and creating informal maps before we move onto learning about 4 figure and 6 figure grid references. Once that is completed, we will plan some fieldwork tasks that can take place in the village in Summer 2.

In English, we are using the book No Ballet Shoes in Syria as inspiration for our writing. We are going to write informal letters. As a class, most of us have been struggling to use the passive voice in our writing so we are going to develop our understanding of these sentences and use them within our letters.The plan is to use this knowledge and apply our learning whilst wriitng another informal letter. In reading sessions, we are going to look at inference and how we can use this knowledge to help us empathise with the main character and her family. We are also going to learn about context clues when trying to work out the meaning of an unfamiliar word. 

After the SATS, we are going to learn about tie dye techniques, before designing our own tie dye tshirts and making them.

In Science, we are learning about forces. We shalll research the life and work of Sir Isaac Newton. We will also look at a range of household items and see if they contain one or more of these tools: levers, gears or pulleys. In groups, air resistance will be tested in a number of ways and the data will be collected on a range of different graphs. 

Week 1

Year 6 have been mastering how to calculate percentages using a range of known facts and strategies. We thought they were tricky before but we are cracking them now. 

Add photos of some examples.